February 8, 2012

A Round TUIT

I always struggle with how to begin a new post after not posting for an extended period of time. Should I just dive back in as if my last post was yesterday? Should I try to explain “where I’ve been”? Apologize for being a “bad blogger”? Merely say “I’m back!” I’ve even used the famous “Wow! I can’t believe it’s been two months since I last posted!” I know I’m not alone in “neglecting my blog”. Even when I’m not posting, I’m keeping up with the blogs I follow. I see many types of bloggers. There are those who post daily, those who post weekly, and those who post a few times per month. They are Bloggers. They post with some kind of regularity. Then there are those who post randomly. Like me. I am a random blogger. It's simple...when I get a round to it, I post.

Yarn News – This month marks one year since I started to knit. My progress has been fair. I have made two baby afghans, two baby hats, and several dishcloths. I’ve attempted socks and after a month of not being able to “turn the heel”, I put sock knitting on the back burner. I will revisit sock knitting in the future. I haven’t crocheted anything since I picked up knitting. The Prayer Shawl group I started at my church is still going strong. We have given around 15 knit and crocheted shawls or lapghans to parishioners and friends.

Fabric News – I finished the quilt for my niece and gave it to her on Thanksgiving day. This was the first quilt I completely finished with machine quilting and hand sewn binding. The last quilt I finished was for my granddaughter. It was envelope style (no binding) and quilted with ties. My first two pieced quilts (pictured on my blog header) are still waiting for binding. Sometimes I just have to ask myself… “Woman! What are you waiting for??”

In some things, I am lazy. In others, I am damn lazy! LOL It’s the truth!

I made an Autumn candle mat and Christmas table runner for my daughter. I also began making seasonal candle mats for my oldest two daughters. They were going to be Christmas gifts but now they will just be random gifts. I’ve also made several crochet hook keepers. I love to make these. They are so fun and easy!

Thread News – Not much stitching going on here. I’d lost my stitching mojo. I blame this partly on knitting and sewing, but mostly blame it on my eyes! I am in mourning over the loss of my wonderful, perfect eyesight. I find it deeply depressing that I can no longer see my needle work without the aid of glasses! However, I sat down Sunday evening to watch the Super Bowl and I pulled out my stitching. DH said Wow, you haven’t done that in a while!  After only 30 minutes of stitching, I realized how much I LOVE to stitch and how much I have missed it! I do not love knitting this much! I think I have my mojo back!! Albeit I have to use the dang readers, but the desire is back. Knitting is something I can do on my lunch break at work. Hello stitching, I’m back!

To beat the proverbial dead horse I must say……. too many hobbies, not enough time!!

I planned to have more photos in this post, but my camera battery is dead.  It figures!  If I wait to post until I charge the battery, well you know......this post won't get posted and two more months will go by.
Thanks for visiting!  I hope you will leave a comment to let me know you were here.
'Til next time..................


Kristin said...

Welcome back!

Maggee said...

Yes, a BIG Welcome Back! Hugs!

Ziggyeor said...

Welcome Back!
Sounds like you're making good progress on the stitching. I can't wait to see the quilts. I got rid of my yarn and hooks because I wasn't going to crochet. Too many hobbies, but I want to make a quilt. That some how seems worse than just the crochet! But my Aunt Rose was a quilter and I always wanted to make one with her and never did.

Nancy said...

Good to see you post! You have been so busy making so many things! Love your statement about being!! WIth all the projects you have completed and are working on I don't see that your statement has much truth to it though! ;)

Glad you have found your stitching mojo again. You will get use to those glasses in no time!

carol fun said...

From one Carol to another, work on the stuff that makes you the happiest at that moment. I bounce around from cross stitch, to quilting, to crafty stuff, to knitting - lots of fun stuff to do and I'm trying to live in the moment! Don't sweat the glasses, they are just another tool that lets us have fun!

Jackie said...

How wonderful to see you post!

Your niece looks thrilled with her quilt. Look at that big smile on her face.

We all have things we're "lazy" about. For me, it's putting borders on quilts. I have a quilt that's been sitting for months just waiting on borders. The last one sat for the same reason. We should work out an agreement - I LOVE binding! :)

Meari said...

Welcome back! You've been busy. I've always stitched with glasses so I know no other, LOL.

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