April 4, 2006

What I've been up to

This is the "lovely" view out of the window beside my desk. It's better than not having any window at all as was the case before we moved to these "wonderful" new offices 25 miles from our former location!!! Maybe all of this extra commuting time is why I don't seem to have very much stitching time!!! It can't possibly be because I have too many other hobbies I try to indulge in!!! (crocheting, scrapbooking, rubber stamping, now beading, eventually quilting)

Although my intentions were good, I did not get one stitch in MOP this past weekend! I didn't get one stitch into any project for that matter. Our Friday night outing began later than planned because DD wanted us to wait for her to get home so she could go along. The evening ended with hot fresh Krispy Kreme donuts right off the conveyer belt! YUM!! Saturday was spent doing housework, taking DD to a friends to spend the night, and expenisve trip to the store you can't get out of without spending a fortune, then the night out with another couple to the local Spring Fling dance. That resulted in getting home after 2 am, then having to move the clocks ahead one hour really stunk! Sunday, slept late, picked up DD from the friends house, then to softball practice (DH and I help coach the team), dinner, showers, worn out by the time I sat down. Last night was spent running errands for DD's birthday party for Saturday so no stitching then either. I squeezed in a few moments last night to attempt to crochet a tiny pot scrubber from rug yarn. These little things are so cool and they do a great job! I received one a couple of years ago in a secret pal swap from a lady named Barb in KY. She later sent me the instrutions to make more. I want to do some to give to friends and to donate to the church bazaar. I ran out of yarn last night. I thought one skein would do one scrubbie but I was wrong. (one skein costs 25 cents and is about 10 yards) I'm going to stop at "you know where" tonight and get a few more so I will have 2 of every color. I also want to attempt to make some beaded jewelry. I have been looking at how-to books and supplies for some time now and finally succumbed to buying a few items. I couldn't find any how-to books I liked and ended up buying a magazine last year then another a couple of days ago. It's called "Stringing". It's pretty informative and has lots of neat pieces in it. I know I'm nuts! I do NOT need another hobby! Have I mentioned that I love to make jewelry from hemp??? What have you been up to??

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Carina said...

Carol, I am always so happy to read your blog and see that someone else's stitching get sidetracked! :)