June 19, 2006

Fish Tank Fiasco

The 55 gallon tank has been drained. I'm not getting off to a good start. The decorative trim on the top of the tank is cracked in three places including one into the divider bar. While searching the internet for tips on starting up a new tank, I came across a FAQ page at an aquarium site. One of the questions pertained to cracked plastic trim. The advice was to replace the tank. Not wanting to jump the gun, I discussed it with DH and he didn't see a problem but he wouldn't get around to calling his buddy who is a big aquarium enthusiast and asking his opinion. Yesterday, while in town, I stopped at two pet stores and asked three opinions and all three said they wouldn't use it. It seems the "decorative trim" I referred to helps hold the tank together. If I use it, I run the risk of coming home one day and finding a busted tank, dead fish, and a ruined hardwood floor. Now, back to the drawing board. I did however take some advice I found online, I bought a book. A beginners guide to freshwater aquariums. I need it!
For Sale: 55 gallon fish tank suitable for reptiles

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Janice said...

Carol, Sorry to hear about the trim on the fish tank being cracked! That is terrible news for sure. But I did laugh when I read your For Sale.... That was too cute!