August 21, 2006

My Paula Deen Weekend

Last night I returned home from Nashville, TN and my weekend with Paula Deen!! I don't even know where to begin. I had such a GOOD time! I met the most wonderful people, especially Shelby and Jennifer from Mississippi!! I think we will be life long buds!
We stayed at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel & Resort and that alone was the most awesome place. We arrived a day early and enjoyed getting lost in the hotel. Friday afternoon we got to meet Paula at our book signing session. My SIL, Glenda, quickly realized if we were going get good seats and be able to interact with Paula, we would have to get up bright and early and wait outside the doors. She did all the table grabbing for us and we had (pretty much) the best seats in the house!! The only seats better were reserved. Thanks Glenda for getting up each morning at 4:00 am and getting to those doors by 5:00 am and getting us the best seats a girl could ask for. I really should have been there with you (haha, not). Thanks Shelby and Jennifer for being there with Glenda and your help in getting those seats as well. Here's to the "Paula Deen Girls Gone Wild"!!! Hopefully we will make it into the magazine or at least on the website! And don't forget our motto: "what happens in Nashville, stays in Nashville" although, I REALLY want to go back to the Coyote Ugly bar REAL SOON!!!

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Meari said...

I've visited the Opryland Hotel many times and you're right... It IS awesome!