September 1, 2006

Day off, continued

What a day this has been! So much rain!! It's finally starting to let up some. Did I stitch today? Of course not. DH was willing to help me clean the house so I took advantage of that. Tomorrow we will spend the day clothes shopping so I am planning to stitch on Sunday and Monday.

Footnote: After DD's doctor appointment for allergy check up, we drove to Chesapeake to meet my parents for dinner. After dinner I wanted to go to the pet store to get a school of fish for my 55 gallon tank (pics soon). I got 5 Buenos Aires tetras. They are so active and fun to watch. Oh, and DD got a hamster. He was so cute we could not resist. He's about number 13 for our family. She named him Bambi. Before dinner, we went to Lowes and I got some organizational stuff for my closet. I think I need to go back for more. I love organizing!! I just wish I was organized! LOL

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