October 9, 2006

My town is under water. It's just horrible. Thank goodness my home is safe. I am about 3-4 miles outside the town on higher ground. My church is downtown though. it sits on higher ground but the classrooms are in the basement. I sure hope it's not affected. There is only one way in or out of my area though. The river has washed out all of the roads we usually take to leave town. We have to take a huge detour to head east. We had a nor'easter come through this weekend and it did rain a LOT Friday night and in squalls on Saturday but not too bad. I had friends over to scrapbook and it really didn't seem to rain that much. We had no idea the river would flood the town again. The last time this happened was in '99 when Hurrican Floyd paid a visit. They say it's a 500 year event but here it is only 7 years later. I have only lived in Franklin for 3 years but only lived 40 miles away when Floyd hit and Portsmouth (where I lived) had it's share of problems. We lost city water for one week!! Now that was tough!!

Didn't accomplish much on my day off yesterday. I did laundry and some other household type chores but didn't get much done in the way of craft organizing or stitching. DD only had half day of school so after I picked her up we rode downtown to see the flooding. I stitched a little last night after I sat down to watch Wife Swap which didn't come on because of a STUPID senatorial argument, er: debate. I mean who really cares about watching two men argue with each other. Why can't they put that crap on an optional channel and you can watch it if you opt to?? Isn't the bombardment of campaign commercials enough?? Why must they torture us further? Instead of all the money spent on commercials telling us why we should not vote for the other guy, why don't they schedule the candidates to appear in school buidings in every community during their campaign and members of the community who are interested can attend and hear the candidate tell us why we should vote for him. They could do this in their precincts throughout their campaign and really promote themselves. Ah but I guess that's too much work. It's easier for them to record a 20 second commercial telling us what's wrong with the other guy ie: slinging mud.

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Meari said...

I agree... Too much is spent on political advertising, and then we have to suffer through debates as well. I'd much rather be watching Wife Swap! Now there's educational material. LOL