January 22, 2007

George Strait & Stash Acquisition

I'll sum up the George Strait concert in one word.....Awesome! I'm not a big country music fan but I can't help but like George Strait. The JPJ arena was sold out. 14,000 in attendance. We got to our car pretty quickly when the show was over. We parked on the top (5th)floor of a parking garage. We pulled approx. 6 ft. out of the parking space and there we sat for one solid hour!! We made it to our hotel by 1 am.
Saturday we took a different route home since littlest DD stayed with MIL and came home through Williamsburg where there is a (drumroll please) cross stitch shop!! I got the threads I needed to finish Evergreen, a Country Cottage Needleworks chart My Beloved, another Words of Praise sampler Creation Sampler (these are charted locally and makes about 4 I have now. They are no longer produced so I try to get one or two each time I'm there but sadly my favorite one is on display but no more charts). I also got Prairie Schooler 2000 Santa (have all the others), and two Lizzie Kate snippets Santa '06 and Birthday Blessings. This is a small shop and she didn't have everythig I was looking for but she had plenty I wanted!! I've yet to check out the new LNS in Va Beach that has opened since my favorite one closed. If I don't get there soon, I'll have to order online.
I'm getting ready to start SAL project with Carina. We're stitching Bee Pinkeep from Little House Needleworks & Country Cottage Needleworks. It's a pattern in the online magazine TheGiftofStitching, January issue. We don't have a start date yet. Carina, I'm getting ready to e-mail you about that.


Sallenlouise said...

You have been tagged for a weirdness meme. Check out my blog at the rules. :)

Meari said...

Glad you enjoyed the concert, and stash shopping sounds like soooo much fun!