January 29, 2007

Monday Madness

I never remember to do this until I see it posted on Mearis blog.

1. Do you make New Year's resolutions? If so, what is your most important one? I don't make them because I can't keep them. I have, however, vowed to make small improvements each year in various areas of my life and I've done good with that. When I quit smoking in 1997 I did it cold turkey in Nov. I had tried on more than one new year to quit and it never lasted more than a few hours/days!
2. Easter is coming. Many Christians give up something for Lent. Do you give something up for any reason (or season)? What is it this year? I observe Lent and I ALWAYS give up chocolate.
3. Do you watch the Super Bowl? If so, do you watch it with a group? If not, what do you do while the game is on? Anything special? YES, I watch the Super Bowl. Usually it's just DH and I but if we get invited to his brothers we go. I usually stitch and I love the commercials!
4. Would you miss Monday Madness if it stopped permanently? I will say yes.
5. Name at least one theme for MM questions. Share at least one question for that theme.
Food. Do you consider yourself a picky eater or do others consider you a picky eater?

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