January 12, 2007

My Walls

Today begins another 4 day weekend!! Gotta love working for the state!! In case you're not a "suth'ner", today's holiday is Lee/Jackson Day. Gotta love the South!!

Melissa is blogging about a subject that is often brought up in my home.....the walls. To put it in a nutshell, they are bare. Here's my family room wall:

This is basically the first wall you see when you enter my family room. DH is constantly on me to decorate the walls. Our house doesn't feel as homey as it should. Our house is brand new. DH built it. Of course he contracted out a lot of the work but he did a HUGE amount of the work himself. I did my share too. We had no life but house building for a year. Anyway, the 21st of this month we will be in our new house for 2 years. 2 years!!! And look at my walls!!!

I could go room to room and photograph my walls for you but I won't, it's just not necessary. Bare is bare, right? You can picture bare can't you?
I keep telling myself that when I get my new family room furniture, I'll decorate the walls. We bought new dining room furniture and the walls are decorated in there (but I'm not sure I like them). We bought new bedroom furniture, but the walls in the bedroom are still bare. So........why are my walls bare?
Like Melissa, I used to have walls that looked like I had stock in Home Interiors. I still have most of those pictures stored upstairs in the storage closet. I'm just not into them anymore. I guess I don't know what I'm into. Cross stitch, yes, I am into cross stitch. How much cross stitch is on my walls in my house? None! That is so pathetic!! To be so passionate about cross stitch and have NO cross stitch on my walls. Add that to websters as the next definition of pathetic!
I buy decorating magazines from time to time but they don't help much. My theory is either you got it or you don't. By "got it" I am referring to a sense of style. The ability to know what looks good and what doesn't. My SIL has "got it". She decided she liked old stained glass windows. She has collected about a half dozen of them and arranged them on one of her walls. They look great! I'd like to do that. Copy cat? So what! But, I lack style.
One without style could hire an interior decorator but I probably wouldn't like what she'd suggest. So for now, they will remain bare until I find my sense of style. If I do, I'll be sure to post photos.

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