April 5, 2007

My Latest Creative Endeavor

This is one of my purses. I just love Vera Bradley!! I currently have three favorite patterns and this is one of them, it's java blue. I just love the colors.

This is yarn.

This is my purse with the yarn. My next afghan was inspired by my purse. I was looking at it the other day and the thought occurred to me that it would make a cool afghan. Granny squares will be the only way to go with this. The teal yarn on the left doesn't look like it's in the purse but it is. Can't wait to get my first square made!! I have another inspiration I'll share later.

Last picture for this post:

My new niece. She's three weeks old now.

Today at work I tried to access my blog as I do from time to time and SMACK! all I got was "access denied". I am so bummed! The state is constantly identifying websites to block and now they have added any type of blog/social networking sites! I don't usually have time at work to bother with blogs but it still stinks.

Next post I'll share pictures of my current crochet project that I am about o finish up. Tata for now.


Anonymous said...

Your niece is BEAUTIFUL!!!! Look at all that hair!

Janice said...

Beautiful Baby! The afghan project will be very pretty. I have not made a granny square afghan in years. Good luck with your new project.

Meari said...

Your newest niece is a cutie!!