December 1, 2009

Another Black Friday Conquered

I started this post on Friday but I was tired and didn't finish so I will just keep the title and finish it now.  Yes, another Black Friday has come and gone and once again, I conquered it!  DH and I left home at 1 am and made the 45 minute ride to Chesapeake.  First stop...Toys R Us.  They opened at midnight and had a few things we wanted for the grandbabies.  We were in and out in 10 minutes!  Empty handed!  That store was TOO crazy.  They were already out of the two big items we wanted, there must have been 1000 people in there......well beyond fire code I would say......and it was an oven!  We left and headed over to Walmart.  They were open all night but the sale wasn't starting until 5 am.  Some of the items were already out, others were on pallets in the aisles and were covered with black plastic.  We got a bunch of $2 dvd's, few other things, scoped out were the other items were, then I took my spot at the Cricut display (I was after the $30 cartridges)  At ten minutes to 5 someone must have said go for it because it all broke loose.  I grabbed the two cartridges I wanted, DH grabbed an 8" digital photo frame for $29 and a toy for our grandson.  Next stop Target, got what I wanted there.  Next Michael's, got another Cricut cartridge.  Next stop, Office Max where I got this:

 I've played with it a little this weekend.  I think it is a keeper.  I hate spending a lot of money on stuff without playing with it first.  It's one of those risky investments.  I have suffered from buyer's remorse more than once in my life.  I took a picture of my ornament finish I showed in my last post.  I think this is a better picture.  Then could be the person behind the camera and not necessarily the camera!

 I have another ornament in the works and it's almost finished.  I hope to post it soon!
My SIL is in Paris with a group of friends celebrating their 40th's.  I dropped her a hint on Facebook for a Christmas idea for me.  I learned of a neat little shop in Paris that Barb & Alma of Blackbird Designs went to when they were there and told my SIL...if you can find it...think of me...I love samplers!  I won't hold my breath, she may only be posting to fb from there and not reading comments, but I thought it was worth a shot!
I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and if you were crazy brave like me on Black Friday, I hope you got every bargain you went after!
Happy Stitching!

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Siobhan said...

Congrats on the new camera! I miss Black Friday shopping. DVDs for $2. Wow. Lucky you!