December 16, 2009

It's almost here....

Are you ready?  I have almost all of my shopping finished.  I need a couple of gift cards and stocking stuffers, that's it.  I get to spend Saturday baking and wrapping.....not at the malls!  I hate when I have to shop EVERY Saturday in December.

On Black Friday, my daughter bought us each a pair of miniature trees for out porches.  They are indoor/outdoor trees and since you can't see my porch well from the road or even from my driveway, I decided to bring them in and decorate them.  I'm using one in my family room adorned with my stitched ornaments.  The other is in my dining room with gingerbread type ornaments.  I have so many stitched ornaments that if I took the time to finish them into actual ornaments, they wouldn't all fit on the tree!  The Santa at the top of the tree was made by me when I was in the third grade.  My Mom saved it for all these years!  I love that she noted on the back when it was made.

I have noticed a few bloggers are already posting their goals for 2010.  I'll post mine before the 31st.  5 more working days then I am on vacation until Jan. 4.  I will have my grandson from the 26th thru the 2nd.  His Mommy is going to visit a friend on the west coast.  It should be very interesting.  It's been 11 years since I have cared for a 2 year old for a week straight!!

I have finished another ornament.  I'll post a picture on my next post!  Thanks for visiting!

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