February 25, 2010

Yes, Virginia......

......there really is snow in your forecast!  I can't believe I haven't posted in almost a month.  I've been plenty busy!  What a wild winter we are having here in Virginia.  It seems like it's either raining or snowing and it's always cold!!  I am finally ready for some warm weather.

This is the view from my front porch on January 29th.  We got about 8 inches of this white stuff.

First significant snowfall since 2004.  
View from my deck
Ok, enough with the snow.  We Virginians tend to make a big deal out of a little bit of snow.  You should have seen Walmart or Food Lion the night before this storm.  Good grief!
I have been steady working on RHS but sorry no new pics to share.  The frogs have been by for another visit.  Once they come......they never leave!  Pics next post, I promise.
I have also been crocheting.  I had a couple of projects with deadlines.  The first one was a scarf for my youngest  DD.  She wanted to be able to use it before the end of this winter.
She wanted fringe on the ends but no matter how I attached the fringe, she didn't like it.  She opted to go with no fringe.  It's just a simple double crochet pattern using Lion Brand wool-ease yarn.  It's supposed to be right cold tomorrow so hopefully she will get good use of it.

My next finish is a baby afghan for a coworker who is expect her first child, a boy, in April.  Her shower is on March 6 so I met this deadline!

Now.....for my future plans:  get tax info to accountant by 3/1.  Scrapbooking weekend March 5-7.  Can't wait!  My oldest daughter is going on this one with me.  Her first weekend crop!!  Back to work on RHS.  Get back to quilting!  My oldest DD and I are going to a quilt festival Saturday.  I am looking forward to this.  Neither of us has ever been to a quilt festival.

I hope all is well in your part of the world.  Thanks for visiting!


Jackie said...

The snow is quite beautiful. As a Floridian, I haven't tired of seeing snow pictures!

Enjoy your crop weekend! SBing is on my list of "someday" things to learn to do.

Valerie said...

Hi Carol!

Thanks for visiting my blog! It is always so nice to find fellow Virginians! I know what you mean about the snow this winter. We are just plain sick of it but I hear that we have more coming in March. I guess time will tell.

RHS is a lovely sampler. Can't wait to see progress pics! Your crocheting and quilting are amazing! You are so talented! I am lucky to master queen stitches at this point! I hope to learn to quilt in the near future. My MIL is an avid quilter and is going to teach me.

Hope that you are staying warm in your neck of the woods. I am in Rockbridge County...where are you located if I may ask? Till next time...Happy Stitching!