December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010!

Merry Christmas!  I had a wonderful Christmas with my family.  The best gift of all was having all of my family here with me!  I hope yours was wonderful too!
and speaking of wonderful.........look what we woke up to here in Va:

It started last night so we had snow on Christmas Day, but for the second time in 6 years we have a white day after Christmas!  It is supposed to snow all day.  6-10 inches are expected but we already have 10!!  I am so glad I am off this week and my daughter and her family are here so we have everything we need right here!  Movies, stitching, Monopoly, food, and family!  We are praying we won't lose power! 
I'm going to find a warm place on the couch now and pick up my stitching.  It's been a week or two!
Stay warm!  Merry Christmas!  Happy Stitching!  Ciao!


Robin said...

Wow, look at your snow! My part of Virginia definitely doesn't look like that! We picked up just fresh dusting of the white stuff.

Stay in, keep warm, and hope you get many stitches today and this coming week!

Faye said...

Beautiful Carol~!~~~ Isn't it just lovely??? And, I just put the crock pot on as the power has been flickering....cross your fingers we dont lose power either!! YIKKKEEES>>. Enjoy the day with your family, Faye

Jan said...

Such lovely pictures, Carol!!! Glad that you are enjoying it, you certainly are getting slammed by the snow fairies!! Enjoy your family and stitching!!

Jackie said...

I hope you don't lose power either! That would be no fun at all. Enjoy your time with your family and stay warm and cozy.

Siobhan said...

I'm sure the grandkids enjoyed the snow! Enjoy your family time, Carol!