December 31, 2010

Year End Summary

One year ago I posted my goals for 2010 on the sidebar of this blog.  How did I do?
1)My Cross Stitch goals were: Red House Sampler and Christmas ornaments.  I did not finish RHS but here is a pic of where I am on it.  Sorry for the poor quality of the photo!

I had hoped to finish this in 2010 but other projects distracted me.  I at least wanted to finish everything but the border before I go back to work on Monday but that's not going to happen.  I did not stitch any Christmas ornaments but I did stitch one Blackbird Designs Halloween stocking.
Unfortunately the haunted house bit the dust. It was accidentally knocked off the mantle.
2)My Quilting goals were:  Finish Washtub Scrappy....This project was my very first attempt at a quilt.  It has been quilted but needs to be binded.  I am waiting for a binding lesson from my daughter, Heather.

Denim Quilt for grandson.....easy and finished the same day it was started.

Quilts for Hubby or youngest daughter.....not accomplished.  DD says she doesn't want one but she'll get one eventually despite herself! lol  I made another quilt top.  It too has been quilted but needs binding.

I made a Christmas table runner top.  I'll have to plan to quilt and bind it in the coming year.
 I also made several tote bags, treat bags, pillowcases, and 12 quilt squares for my Underground Railroad Sampler quilt.

3)My Crochet goals were:  Black and gray scarf for youngest daughter...done!
 Baby afghan for a coworker.....done!

I wanted to make baby doll afghans for my granddaughter and my niece but I didn't.
I did finish this afghan which was started in 2009 as a "take-a-long" project.  I worked on it this summer while driving to, from, and around PA.  It was so close to being finished that I continued with it until it was done.  I love this stitch pattern.  This fall I found some green yarn on clearance and bought it to make another.  It will become my 2011 "take-a-long" project.

4)My Scrapbooking goals were:  Finish 2009 family album, finish family Christmas album, finish grandson's first year album, and finish granddaughter's first year album.  Despite a day crop and two weekend crops, I did not meet any of these goals.  The only time I really devoted to scrapbooking this year was at the crops I attended.
I guess I got a lot accomplished this year.  I'm working on posting my 2011 goals to my sidebar. Like I always many hobbies, so little time! I am ringing in the new year as I always do....watching the Twilight Zone marathon on the SyFy channel, with one exception this year.  We are going down the road to Heather's house to ring in the new year. The last time I left home on NYE was to ring in 2000!  Not as much stitching going on this year end but something better!  I am so thankful to bring in the new year with all of my family together.  Happy New Year!  I wish you health and happiness, and lots of time for your hobbies!


Jackie said...

Red House Sampler looks lovely! You made great progress this year. I'd call that a win! Looking forward to seeing what you'd like to do for 2011.

GailinVirginia said...

Hi from another Virginia girl...

Your family is lovely...and great photo of you and hubby in WMBG...we used to go there every summer and then in Oct. for our, it's so peaceful there...are the Gingerbread cookies from the Raleigh Bakery still delicious...I have the original recipe somewhere...:) are you in Franklin...? I am in Portsmouth.
Happy New Year,

Beatriz said...

I am a Brazilian fan of your blog, and I'm sure that in 2011 will hold all your projects!

Many kisses and congratulations for the beautiful work!


Siobhan said...

Happy belated birthday, Carol! I loved the pics of Williamsburg--looks like you had a load of fun. You have a beautiful family.

Congrats on all that you achieved in 2010. Here's to 2011! Wishing you & your family health, happiness & prosperity in the new year.

Ziggyeor said...

Wow you cross-stitch, quilt, crochet AND Scrapbook! I only cross-stitch and scrapbook. I tried crochet and quickly decided that was too many hobbies!

iriske said...

keep on working!!

buy rift platinum said...

WoW! nice work. this is so impressive.=)