December 31, 2014

Another New Year is Here!

Welcome 2015!  I started this entry on New Year's Eve and as with many other attempted entries, I did not follow through with posting it.  So here goes....
Here it is, the end of another year.   A lot has happened in my life since I last wrote a blog entry. I miss blogging if only because it's a nice way for me to keep up with my life.  
Summary of my past 23 months:

  • Grand baby #5 was born in June 2013 and I was present. Another sweet grand daughter. 
  • I lost my dad July 5, 2013 and had to move mom to a nursing home. 
  • March 2014, I flew out to Seattle and drove back across country with middle DD and her family. They are stationed home in VA for a while. I saw Vegas, the Grand Canyon, and states I may never have the opportunity to visit again. 
  • Baby DD graduated from high school in June and started college in August. Thankfully she is only an hour from home. 
  • Hubby and I celebrated our 30th anniversary! We went to Vegas and had a fabulous time! 
  • I have accomplished very little in the way of cross stitch.....I just can't see it anymore. 
  • I've made great improvements in my knitting skills. 
  • I've enjoyed making pillow cases and quilts for baby girl and the grands. 
There have been many other events and accomplishments in my life but those are a few of the highlights.  2014 was a year of crossing off several things on my bucket list!  Grand Canyon, Vegas (twice), and one that I am really proud of...knitted socks!!
They are incredibly flawed and a little loose but they are socks and I knitted them!  The yarn is Opal Smile.  The pattern is just a simple vanilla sock.
I wanted to knit a pair for each of my daughters for Christmas but that was biting off a bit much.  Instead they each received a single sock with an IOU for it's mate.  lol 

Sock one is for my middle daughter, sock two is for my oldest daughter, and sock three (which was officially finished in January) is for my youngest daughter.  Now to knit their mates!
That's all for this post.  Happy 2015 y'all!

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Paisley said...

Love the socks!