July 28, 2005


I don't like change. Although I know that life is all about change, I want everything to always be the same. People and places, they come and they go. I sat down yesterday to read the newsletter from my favorite LNS, From the Heart, only to find that they will be closing on October 28. For the past three years, the owner has been taking care of her mother and her husband and keeping up with the shop. She has decided that she just can't do it all. Although I totally understand, I'm really sad!! I am going to miss my LNS!!! I used to live only 15 miles from it until we moved "out to the country". Now I am 60 miles away but I still manage to get there whenever I want to.
It's not like I need anything. I have enough stashed to last me the rest of my life.....don't we all??
AND, I don't think I have mentioned this in a previous post BUT there is a reason why we stash. It's called college!!!!
So, my LNS is closing. I am going to have to start shopping online. Hopefully someone will be more heartbroken than I am and open up a new store. I wish Jeanne all the best in her retirement!!!! Thanks for 18 great years of shopping!!!

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