January 24, 2006

Stitching Vs. Scrapping

I've read a few blogs lately that are discussing an article about scrapbooking that stated that the hobby of scrapbooking is not going to die out like, say, cross stitch. (I'm not quoting).
My first needlework adventure was cross stitch, circa 1980-81. I dabbled in crochet and sewing but my heart belonged to cross stitch. I can remember when it was all about Paragon, Designs by Gloria & Pat, Dale Burdett's bears, geese, and just not a whole lot to choose from, BUT I loved it! I subscribed to every cross stitch magazine available and I own every issue ever published of Cross Stitch and Country Crafts (later known as Cross Stitch and Needlework, I think). I didn't even know there were shops dedicated solely to the craft of cross stitch until about 1990. I went to my first Spirit of Cross Stitch Festival in 1991 in Winston Salem, NC and continued to attend in '92, '93, '94, and '95. These festivals opened up cross stitch doors that I did not know existed. After the first festival, I went home and visited an LNS for the first time and I have been an obsessive-compulsive stitcher/stasher ever since. Hence my being a "Desperate Stitcher". When I got a computer in Dec. '96 with internet access, the first thing I searched for was "cross stitch" and I was in seventh heaven when I discovered the world of online cross stitch!
Then I discovered scrapbooking in early '99 and was immediately hooked. I even became a Creative Memories consultant. After scrapbooking I discovered rubber stamps and after a year of suppressing the urge, I caved and started a rubber stamping frenzy. I did parties and swaps and I have TONS of rubber stamps, but something was always missing. It was my cross stitch. Last year I decided to drop being a consultant and drop out of my online stamping groups. I NEEDED to get back to stitching. I missed it as much as a lost friend. I can't imagine life without cross stitch. I also crochet. I enjoy it and it's productive. You can make cool blankets and scarf's. I still scrapbook but in moderation although I do have a room where I can spread out all of my supplies and not have to clean it up because no one is going to see it. My scrapbooking is very simple and I do it because I enjoy the finished product and I know future generations will appreciate the stories behind the photos. BUT I DO NOT create fancy, expensive pages that take 10 hours to complete then aspire to be "published" in the latest issue of a scrapbooking magazine*. I DO NOT have to have all of the fancy tools and gadgets that are available and I DO NOT put anything bumpy, lumpy, or otherwise damaging to my photos on my pages. I keep it simple. *(Not that there's anything wrong with that way of scrapbooking, it's just not for me). My "opinion", for what it's worth (and I am basing this on personal experience) most of those diehard scrapbookers were never stitchers in the first place. Most I know were essentially "hobbyless". They looked at scrapbooking as something they could do. No patience required (the biggest excuse for not trying cross stitch).
I aspire to knit a few cool scarf's and I would LOVE to make a quilt someday, but for now I will enjoy each and every moment spent with my cross stitch because it is what I love. It's who I am. I am a cross stitcher, a desperate cross stitcher!

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