January 8, 2006

Today I learned how to knit. My Mom is an avid knitter, I crochet. We both cross stitch. My Mom is also an accomplished seamstess. I on the other hand only use a sewing machine to fix stuff or sew pillows, small things, no clothes. I've been thinking about learning to knit. She kept telling me she'd teach me so today after church we got started. I got on very quickly. I guess it's because she has attempted to teach me many, many years ago. Now that I can knit basically, I am going to attempt a scarf. I'm using a yarn that hse says is not the best choice for a beginner but I'm just stubborn enough to keep going.
That's one more craft on my list. Of course I have a long way to go before I'll call myself a knitter. Next on my to do list is learning to quilt.

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