January 1, 2006

Happy New Year! As usual I have really big plans for the new year and as usual I will probably flounder miserably! Okay so with that attitude, failure is imminent, but why dream if not to dream big? There are so many projects I would like to complete this year. I would like to crochet at least 2 afghans. I would like to knit 5 or 6 scarves. I want to get completely caught up with my family scrapbooks. I want to complete my 2 oldest DD's school days albums. I want to create a family Christmas album. And then there is my cross stitch. I have several works in progress and quite a few projects I would like to start and complete this year. Of the works in progress, I would like to complete Mermaid of the Pearls and Paula Vaughan's Grandma's front porch. New projects include Christmas ornaments, at least 2 samplers from my newest favorite designer, Blackbird Designs, and at least 2 samplers from a designer I discovered at a shop in Williamsburg, Words of Praise. I wonder if I could get all of this done if I didn't have a full-time job, a house, and a family which includes an active 9 you and an first year college student.
I'll have to really discipline myself if I intend to accomplish even one of these goals. Some nights I sit on the couch and watch TV without even stitching one stitch. What an incredible waste of time!! Ok, back to the Twiight Zone marathon on SciFi channel.
Happy New Year!! I wish you health and happiness in 2006!

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