December 5, 2005

I cannot believe that there are only 20 days left until Christmas!!! No matter how hard I try to start preparing early, it ALWAYS sneaks up on me. I still have shopping to do, decorating to do, baking to do. How am I ever going to get it all done in 20 days? More like 19 days because you have to be finished by the 24th right? I guess I will get it done like I do every year, without doing everything that I really wanted to do. I have set aside Saturday as baking day. It's also work Christmas party day so I will be multi-tasking. I can't wait to do some Christmas baking in my new double ovens. I was so glad I had them at Thanksgiving and I am so excited to start my Christmas baking now, too.
I stayed home from work today. The weather here is simply horrible. Cold, rainy, and windy. Areas north and west of us are getting snow. I needed one more day to recuperate anyway. The good news is that I finished the "college afghan". I need to post pics of it. Digitals just take so long to upload. Any suggestions? High-speed internet is a good idea but it's hard to get in rural areas.
I'm so ready to get back to my cross stitch but I think I should take some time to turn some of my finished projects into displayable items. I have a large piece by Shepherd's Bush (Santaberry Pudding) that needs to either become a framed item or a wall hanging. I also have a bunch of stitched ornaments that need to be turned into, well, ornaments.
I was planning to tell you about my Christmas trees (yes, plural) but since I lost my original post and had to retype it, I'm now out of time. Maybe tomorrow. And maybe some pics if I can get some tips on faster uploading.
Also, I'm looking for suggestions on how to "nip in the bud" a 9yo who is starting to smart mouth. ugh. Good night.

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