November 25, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a great Thanksgiving day. It started out with breakfast at my bother's home. We had to hurry home to get the turkey in the oven. It was my year to host the family dinner. I had 16 people in my home. I was glad to be the hostess since the last two Thanksgivings we were living in a crampled rental while building this house. I am so grateful to be in this house. Sometimes I look around and can't believe it's mine. The dinner was great except the part where DH and his brother cut out right after eating without helping to clean up to go on a long weekend hunting trip. After all the guests left it was a girls night PJ party. Me, my 3 DD's, SIL and neice. We played Texas Hold'em with M&M's. Good thing I had just eaten a big dinner or I would have eaten all of my ante. LOL .
The stitching front has been almost non-existent. I am still dilligently working on a crocheted afghan for my 18 yo who is a first year student at UVA. I am crocheting a rectangular granny afghan in the colors of the university, blue and orange. I can't wait to finish it and get on to another project.
I have some old Jimmy Stewart movies recorded on my Tivo. I think I will work on the afghan and watch a couple of them tonight. We are taking DD back to school in Charlottesville Sunday, but now she tells me she needs to go back in the morning instead of the afternoon and since DH is on a hunting trip and won't be home until later Sunday, I will more than likely have to make the 5 hour round trip with just myself and my 9 yo DD. No worries, a trip to Charlottesville always includes lunch or dinner at Cracker Barrell. Maybe Dh will decide to come home early and go with me but I won't hold my breath. Lately it seems that I am always having to do everything by myself. Never anytime for me. Yes, please pass the cheese. I'd like some with my whine.

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