October 20, 2005

I have lots of hobbies besides cross stitch although cross stitching is ranked number one. My other hobbies include crocheting, scrapbooking, rubber stamping, and I want to get into quilting (I have purchased a couple of books and a magazine on quilting).
Last year at this time we were heavy into house building. All of my Saturdays and Sundays were spent working at the house. When we were in the process of choosing house plans, I told my DH that there were only a few things I really wanted and one of them was a craft room over our garage. We decided this would be our 2nd den. We'd have a tv and a sofa as well as my craft area so that DH and/or the kids could watch tv in the evenings while I am doing my thing and we'd be together in the same room. Well, we have been in the house since Jan 21 and so you think that we have spent one evening in that room as planned? That's right, the answer is no. I have spent lots of time up there on Saturday's but since we didn't have a large enough tv or a sofa up there, the plan wasn't working. Now we have a sofa. His mother bought new furniture and gave us her black leather sofa. It's in great shape. Now it's up there with the 13" tv with bad reception. We have a 27" in our bedroom as well as a satellite receiver....if only I could get him to let me move that set up up there I'd have my wish. I could scrap, stamp, or sew while he is wathicng TV and I wouldn't miss the shows either.
Eventually I guess it will all come together.
Stitching update: I am working on a design by Paula Vaughan, Grandma's Favorite Chair. It's a stitch-a-long within my Desperate Stitcher's group at Yahoo. I'm anxious to start some samplers. I bought some neat sampler patterns at a LNS in Williamsburg. I had heard of the shop but never visited it. Come to find out, she has been there 25 years! Between that shop and online resources, I should be able to keep my stash replenished. I still have my UFO's calling my name! So many hobbies, so little time! So true!!

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