February 15, 2006

I have been steady working on Scarlet since the Olympics started on Friday. The progress is slow though. I will post a pic soon.
How many projects can one have going at the same time? Is there a limit?? My DH thinks so. "Why don't you finish something BEFORE you start a new project? You're never going to finish anything this way!" His comment shocked me. Did it wake me from some kind of dream state I have been in for the last 22 years?? I finish stuff. I finish stuff all the time! The concept of only having one project in the works seems unimaginable to me. How would I ever get everything stitched that I want to stitch in this lifetime if I just work on one project at a time? Is it possible to stitch a project like Scarlet O'Hara, a L&L angel, a Mirabilia mermaid, or anything TW in 2-3 months? I have seen people claim they have. How many hours a day do they get to stitch? I'm luck to have 2 a day and I'm sure i do not use them wisely. If I could stay up past 10 pm, that would probably be helpful.
I am planning to begina SAL on March 1, America, Land That I Love. I have one SAL already in the works. And I wanted 2006 to be my year of the sampler. I sure hope I live to be 150!

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Carina said...

I'm glad to see that someone else only gets a few hours a day to stitch! I am always amazed by our fellow stitchers who get so much stitching into their day! Well, I'm glad to know you're plodding along with me! :)