February 16, 2006

I am definitely plodding along with you Carina! Even when I stayed at home, I never really worked in more than 2 hours a day stitching time. There were days here and there when I got maybe 4 hours in but they were few and far between. Another problem I have is that I cannot stitch past 10:00 at night. It used to be 11:oo. Before that was midnight. I think I am detecting a pattern here. I am losing 1 hour of evening stitching time every decade. RATS! That means when I am 50 I will only be able to stitch until 9 pm. 60 will be 8 pm. 70 will be 7 pm. Well at least by then I should be retired and I'll be able to trade off night time stiching for daytime stitching. I'm thinking about starting a savings account so that when my eyesight goes I can have laser surgery to correct it. I plan to stitch forever.

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