February 17, 2006

I CANNOT believe that I have not shared the greatest news with you! I was so excited last Saturday and I couldn't wait to write about it in my blog and then I just forgot. My wonderful news is that I have met a fellow stitcher!!! Last Saturday morning, I had an appointment to meet a Mary Kay lady at the (newly opened) local coffee shop. When I arrived, I noticed that there were framed XS projects on the walls. One of them was a gorgeous Mirabilia, Cinderella I think. Anyway, the MK lady tells me the owner of the coffee shop stitched them at that a group meets there on Saturday's from 2-4 to stitch. Upon further conversation, it turns out the MK lady used to stitch and was actually at the same SOCS festival in WS, NC the same year I was there!! (the year there was a blizzard there) So I go home get my XS and go back at 2:00 and no one is there to stitch. So I ordered a cup of vanilla latte (YUM, 2nd one of the day) and start stitching alone....hey, at least I am out of the house and ALONE! About 35 minutes later, the owner arrives. She had left the house early that morning and didn't bring her stitching but we sat with me and we talked about stithcing (this is where it gets really interesting). I didn't take Scarlet with me because she is such a huge project and it was raining buckets (sorry, Melissa! It was only 2 hours). Anyway we are chatting away and she asks you travels, have you ever come across a pattern for SCARLET O'HARA IN THE GREEN DRESS????????? My jaw dropped to the floor. I reply "come across it??? I have it in my bag!!!!! ROFLOL What a small world! So as you can probably tell, I am VERY excited about the prospect of having a stitching buddy, possibly more than one, and actually getting together with other stitchers. I am really looking forward to tomorrow!
BTW~ There is a pic of my Scarlet progress in my webshots album. I took it with my camera phone so it's not the greatest but I was in a hurry to post what I have done!
Virginia weather: Sunny and warm, 70 degrees yesterday!!! We just skipped winter here in the Old Dominion but look out....tomorrow's high is forecast to be 39 with rain/snow mix and possibility of 2" accumulation.

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Carina said...

Carol, I left a comment here for you a few days ago, but obviously it didn't go through! :( Anyway, just wanted you to know how envious I am that you found a group to stitch with--lucky girl!!! I used to be a part of a monthly sitching group, but too many people moved away. I really miss it; it is such a good stitching motivator! Enjoy your new stitching friends!!!