February 23, 2006

Stitching Progress

I am dilligently working on Scarlet and will continue to work on her at least once a week after the Olympic challenge is over. I have cheated a little but only on my "take-with" project. Scarlet is way too big to take anywhere. My take-with project is SB Easter Roll. I have a cross stitch bag that is totally devoted to needlerolls. The bag works really well. It zips shut, has two inner pockets, and three rings in the center that I have page protectors in to hold the needleroll chart. I also have notes from when I was in a "needleroll of the month" club. I have 10 needleroll kits in this bag waiting their turn and a Longaberger darning basket on the coffee table/basket to put them in (it currently has 3 in it).

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