February 23, 2006

My Thoughts on Stash Building

I have been thinking lately (always dangerous!) I have discovered new charts out there that I really want to stitch!! But I already have SO MUCH STASH! I think the problem with stash building/collecting is that over time your tastes change. Sure you might still like the project and it might still have the same appeal to you but there is so much new out there you want to stitch and let's face it there is only so much time. So what's a stitcher to do? It's the stuff that makes us desperate stitchers!! Maybe the one at a time stitchers have something. I mean true one at a time stitchers. They go to the LNS, purchase the chart, the fabric, the fibers, the charms, the beads, everything! Then they go home and stitch the project. (Of course while they are stitching, they are thinking about their next project) They may even a very small stash. 2-3, heck maybe even 5, projects kitted up and ready to go. Not musch guilt associated with a small stash. It's so hard not to to buy new stash, but there are so many wonderful projects waiting to be stitched in my stash right now. What's a desperate stitcher to do??

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