April 19, 2006

I'm just not a very regular blogger, am I? It's either: (A) I'm boring and have a boring life therefore there is not much for me to write about or (B) blogging is always at the bottom of my to-do list. I think it's a combination of the two, LOL.
Yesterday I took my 10yo DD to Busch Gardens, just her and I. We had a great time and she rode her first roller coaster. She's on Spring Break this week so I took the day off so we could spend it together.
I am beginning to get bored with MOP. I feel like everyone is working on these really great projects and I'm left behind somewhere in 1998 with mine. I want a fresh, new, exciting project but I know what will happen. I'll enjoy the thrill of the start, then it will become a UFO. I'll keep moving forward with MOP. Tomorrow morning DH and DD leave to go on an annual "Dad's and kids" camping trip. Our 18 yo will join them on Friday and our 21 yo will spend the day with them at the campground on Saturday. DH's brothers go along as well as a buddy of theirs but as the kids all get older there seems to be more Dad's than kids. I'm looking forward to being home alone, however, DH keeps trying to convince me to come to the campground on Saturday night for the big dinner. NO, I say. I have plans. I do have to work tomorrow and Friday but here's what I have planned: Thursday night (after ball practice, even though DD will be away I have to go cause I help coach) it's stitching and a movie. I have 2 new Netflix's on the way. Friday will be a movie and either stitching or scrapbooking. I'll have to see what I am in the mood for. Saturday it's a ball game at 10 am (have to go, see previous note) then scrapbooking all day and night. I'm having a Creative Memories get-together at 4:00 and some guests are staying after to scrap. Sunday will be stitching or scrapbooking, once again depending on my mood, and another movie. Gotta Run!

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Melissa said...

Carol-you're a better woman than me, if my kid wasn't playing ball no way I'd be at that ball park! Sounds like you have a nice "me" weekend planned even with the ball park interruptions. Enjoy!