April 25, 2006


Still working on MOP. I am desperate to start another project but I must control myself!! The progress is slow but steady. I am only working on her for about 2 hours a night and it's not steady stitching. I'm also watching TV. I need to post a new pic soon. The progress is noticeable since the last pic. I'm just SO impatient. There are so many new projects that I want to stitch and I consider myself to be a slow stitcher. I've started another new hobby. This one, however, is beneficial to my health. Running! Ever seen an overweight runner? (NFL does not count!) It's tough getting started. I walk half as much as I run but some of the reason for that is cramps in my calf muscles!! I'm pushing myself to get passionate about running! It's one of the best ways to get/stay fit. Meet the new Carol....runner/health nut!

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