May 2, 2006

I have discovered a wonderful new place on the web! It's called CrochetMania. It's about a week old and it's a friendly forum of crocheters. I love that I found it early on so I can actually feel like "I belong". I have visited many forums and have usually received a warm welcome, but somehow I never really felt like I belonged. I'm hoping to find that feeling at CM. So far so good!
I joined a "square-a-month" swap there. It's starts this month. This is going to be SO much fun! We will swap squares for one year and each month we have a color theme. You're gioven 3 colors and you can choose to use one, two, or all three colors in your square. I'm planning to stitch my first square tonight! I'll be sure to post pics of each square I receive too.
On the cross stitch front, nothing new to report other than I joined an ornament swap with a June mailing date (what was I thinking??)
tata for now!

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schcrochet said...

Hi! Waving hello, popped over from Mania. Trying to visit blogs of our fellow Mania members. I used to cross stitch all the time, but have really gotten away from it. Too many fun crafts and too little time. So into yarn right now. It consumes me.!
Stop by for a visit