June 14, 2006

Alberto Pays a Visit

June 1st, opening day of hurricane season. For those of us living in hurricane territory, that means get ready to worry. Here in Virginia though, we usually don't see hurricanes of any account until early to mid August and we've had more than one hit in early/mid September. Seems as if June 1st arriving was like turning on a switch for the season to get started. It usually waits a few weeks to get going!
Did you hear about the first tropical storm of the season, Alberto, which was theatening Florida? Well, he's here in Virginia today! A fast moving sucker isn't he? Florida yesterday and Virigina today. I heard it start raining sometime in the middle of the night last night and it has not stopped since! It's raining buckets! I did not want to have to come in to work today! Don't you think a day like today deserves to be spent at home watching old movies while stitching?? I sure do! Next time, I'm calling in sick!

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