June 11, 2006

Catching Up

I am behind on my postings and there is so much I want to share! I finished DD's purple granny-ghan so I need to post a pic of that. I have been working very hard in my flower beds and I'd like to share pictures of that progress. You see, I had to start from scratch. We've been in our house for 17 months and the landscaping around the house still looked like new construction. So the flower beds had to be started from scratch. What a job!!! I didn't work on them in summer of 05 because the entire summer of 04 was spent building this house so I sure didn't feel like working on this house last summer! Triffling, I know!!
The next project around here is to condense my two 10 gallons aquariums into one 55 gal tank. DH bought the tank last summer at a yard sale on the day we were leaving for vacation and it has sat in our garage ever since. Then I had a water problem in my tank and lost all my fish except one tetra and the pleco so I kind of gave up on wanting to set up the 55 gal. Then last fall I inherited DD's fish when she moved from her apt. to stay with a friend and she condensed her 29 gal. tank into a 10 (poor fish). Filter problem in Feb. caused us to lose one shark so I have been desperate ever since to get a larger tank going. DD gave me her 29 gal tank when she cleared out her storage unit but it needs a new lid ($50). Friday night at Wally World we saw a stand for 55 gal tanks so we decided to get that one going instead of the 29 (bigger is better, right?). So yesterday was spent washing the 55 gal tank and getting the stand bought and set up. We wanted to put the 55 gal where the two 10's are currently located but you really can't move a stand with two 10 gal tanks on it, can you? Oh yes you can! LOL They make these furniture slider things and they work great. Only drawback is, someone has to lift a corner so you can slide the pads under the legs. Can you say DH? He wasn't too happy but he complied LOL!
I should wrap up this post now. I've got lots to do. Today is my DD's 19th birthday and we have family coming this evening for a cookout! Have a great day!

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