June 29, 2006

Four Days Off!

I'm staring at a 4 day weekend!!! Thanks to Tim Kaine, the wonderful new governor of this fine state (whom I did not vote for). I hope I can get some stitching accomplished. I need to clean house and prepare for vacation, church Sunday then spend the afternoon with my parents, and 4th of July activities start at 3 pm in the town of Sedley. That leaves Saturday, Monday, and half day Tuesday for chores and stitching!
Is this desperate or what? I have my favorite LNS phone number in my cell phone speed dial list. My favorite shop was in Virginia Beach, 15 miles from my home. Then I moved to Franklin and the LNS became 55 miles from my home, then the LNS closed. :-(
Last fall I discovered an LNS in Williamsburg which is about an hour or so from me depending on if I catch the ferry or have to wait for the next one. It's a nice little shop. I have heard that a new LNS opened in the same area as the old LNS. It's actually owned by the R&R Reproductions gals. I haven't been to it yet. Anyway, the LNS number programmed in my phone is a shop in Michigan! They even have my CC info on file. I was driving home from work yesterday and thought "hmmmm, you need to pre-order the 2006 JCS ornament issue" So I dialed up the shop, reserved the issue, and said "why not send me the 10 year anniversary book too please".......even though I have the last 9 years of JCS ornament issues. What the heck! I'm such a desperate stitcher.
I've added a couple of blogs to my daily read list. Such enablers! I now have a list of charts I must have after seeing other stitcher's finished projects! Hope I don't have that list handy on my way home today!

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