June 24, 2006

Saturday AM

Last night didn't go exactly as planned. It did storm though. DD and I decided to eat a quick dinner at a local Mexican place. DH wanted to stay home and start cutting the grass, then the storm arrived so he decided to go with us then DD2 decided to go as well. After dinner I'm still thinking I have PLENTY of time to get back home and get my stitching project started but DH has other plans: "What's playing at the theater?" Next thing you know we are buying tickets to "Click", the new Adam Sandler movie. It's rated PG-13 and DD3 is only 10. It was a good movie and only a few scenes that made me cringe because DD3 was viewing them!! Of course there was some language. But overall a funny movie with a predictable ending. When we got home at 9 there was still time to start but it didn't feel right so I caught up on some blog reading. Woke up early this am but didn't get going on the project until 10 am. Here is my progress so far, and keep in mind I don't sit for great lengths of time and just stitch. I am constantly getting up for something.

Right now I am: Watching: Suddenly Last Summer (Katherine Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor) (It sucked) Drinking: Diet Dr. Pepper, Snacking On: Cheez-its, doing laundry, stitching, and thinking it's so beautiful outside, why am I in the house???

Also watched "Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte" (Bette Davis, Olivia DeHaviland) (pretty good)


Barbara said...

At least you did get some stitching in - that's all that matters. It's all about quality anyway - not quantity. Well, maybe that's not actually true, but it's a good thought anyway. :-)

Melissa said...

Carol-Harry took the boys to see Click yesterday. I passed and decided to put my movie funds toward a VB Citrus bag! I got the Tie Bag. My beloved Sherbert was discontinued, so it was time to treat myself to something new! Are you buying that? LOL I do believe the cost of the bag was equivalent to the price of a popcorn and coke at the movies.

Evergreen is in my to do pile.

Don't you hate it when it's beautiful outside and you're happy being inside stitching, and then that's beautiful, why aren't I outside?