June 23, 2006

Week's End

Christmas club night didn't happen because DD's team won their game and we had to stay to play the 8:15 game which didn't begin until 8:40. We didn't get back home until 10:45 pm and that was after leaving the house that morning at 7:30 am!! They lost the second game so that put them out of the tournament. Ball season is now over except for a team cookout Sunday afternoon.
I haven't stitched yet this week. Every night has been busy. Tuesday night I went to stamp with a group of ladies who get together once a week to stamp. Wednesday night I rode with DH to look at a truck. he's on a kick to purchase a 5o something "hobby" truck. I rode with him because I had ulterior motives. He was going to the "big city" so I made him stop at A. C. Moore so I could stock up some fabric. I love their tubes of Charles Craft for a buck 96 and linen of $6.16. I was good and only spent $20.
We have thunderstorms headed our way for this evening and tonight. I plan to stitch and start a new project.
Evergreen - Blackbird Designs
I hope to start and finish this project THIS weekend. hahahahahaha, are you still with me? I'm going to see what I can do anyway. I have this theory. Have you seen the stitching that some stitchers can manage to complete? Unbelievable! I have pretty much surmised that most of them do not work a job outside the home. They must not do ANYTHING but stitch! I think that's great but that's not me. I used to think it could be me but I have three kids who have kept me very busy, now I work full-time, I have flower beds, meals to cook, I scrapbook, I crochet, I have to clean the house, I have to buy groceries, I have to sleep. Do you get the picture?
I do envy their accomplishments though. Maybe someday I will have more time to devote only to my stitching.
One can dream.

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