July 31, 2006

Poor old neglected blog! If anybody was ever reading my blog, they've probably given up on me by now!
Vacation was great. Came home ready to tell all about it but I had so much to do! House work and vegetable garden have been overwhelming me. I haven't stitched a lick since we've been back home. I stitched a little on the ride home from FL. Didn't stitch on the way down since we only drove in 3 1/2 hours of daylight and didn't stitch while there. I took ornaments with me to work on. On the way home, I quickly finished the stitching on a soccer santa on aida and was ready to start the backstitching but I hadn't packed any black floss!! So I moved on to another ornament (all the rest are on linen) and let me just tell you, even in a 2005, it is very hard to stitch on linen while riding in a 4wd diesel truck. Very difficult. I wonder if it's possible to stitch on linen in any moving vehicle?
I'm also falling behind in my crochet 12" square swap. I need to finish my square tonight but I have to go pick corn. Yes, pick corn. Someone is letting us have all the corn we can pick and we just love fresh corn all winter long so that's our plan for tonight. Pick, shuck, cut, and freeze as much corn as we can pick. Sigh. Will I ever have time for my hobbies again???

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