August 2, 2006


I have come to the conclusion that I am never again going to have time to stitch!!!
Children are small only once and for such a short while that I am taking advantage of every moment my 10yo wants to spend with me. She is a 'tween now and before I know it, she'll be a teen, then be off to college. I should's happened in my house twice already! So instead of moaning about how little stitching time I have, maybe I should blog about all the cool things she and I (and her Dad) do together.
She's a cool kid. Very sweet and kind. She's not interested in cross stitch so we have to do other things together. She loves to cook and has her very own Williams Sonoma personalized apron and Betty Crocker Kids Cookbook (both courtesy of her Mee Maw) and the Pampered Chef kids cookbook. I have a matching WS personalized apron (also from her Mee Maw, my MIL) so we look real cute together in the kitchen. Cooking is something we like to do together.
We have season passes to an amusement park, Busch Gardens Williamsburg. We've been there twice, just the two of us and the three of us have been once. The last time she and I went we painted a ceramic bowl to use as the family salad bowl. We let them ship it to us since it was included in the price and can't wait to receive the finished product. DH and I have been once alone!
We've spent a week in Florida. While there we stayed in New Smyrna Beach, visited Daytona USA, drove on Daytona Beach, went to Daytona Flea Market, toured Kennedy Space Center, Sea World, and Magic Kingdom. We spent two afternoons and one day on the beach and we all got terrible sunburns on the last beach day.... the day before we had to head home.
We've picked and shucked corn, been to an annual family crab party, and scrapbooked together.
Tonight we are going to make a peach cobbler and maybe she will help me can corn in our new pressure canner DH is purchasing on his way home today.
I'm sure I'll find time to stich again but right now I'm going to take advantage of time spent with my baby and stitch when I can.

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