August 28, 2006

My LNS Adventures

I have been trying to get to my (not so) LNS for over 3 weeks now. The first attempt was the weekend before my trip to Nashville. First I'll start by telling you that this LNS is more than an hour away. The best way to get there is to cross the James River on the ferry. I could take the interstate around but it would take the same amount of time and I'd use more gas. It takes about 40 minutes to get to the ferry from my house. The ferry runs from Smithfield (yes, home of the best hams in the world) to Jamestown (yes, where the settlers lived in 1607). It takes about 15 minutes to cross the river, then it's about 15 minutes to the LNS in Williamsburg. (LNS is less than one mile from Busch Gardens). Anyway.......three weeks ago we set off on a road trip. DH wanted to go to an agribusiness store (in the totally opposite direction) then we'd were head to Williamsburg for my LNS, then dinner, then Bass Pro Shops. Time got away from us and we were close to not making it to LNS by 5. Made it there at 4:50, 10 minutes to shop, well guess what?? They close at 4:30 on Saturdays. This past Saturday our DD was spending the night with her grandma so DH says let's go to Busch Gardens and we'll stop at your LNS on the way. I was so excited! Thanks Dear!! How sweet!! So we get there about 3:00 and as we approached the store front I could see that it looked dark inside. A note on the door read "we're very sorry we had to close early today". Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
So I get one more attempt this Saturday when we go to Williamsburg to clothes shop. There are closer malls but we like the outlets in Wmsbrg and I want to get to that LNS!!! Wish me luck!!
P/S - Busch Gardens was SO crowded we had to park in the auxiliary parking lot. We got a bite to eat, rode one roller coaster, and left. No self respecting season pass holder is going to stand for that kind of crowd!! Sheesh. We just struck out all around!

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