August 30, 2006

My WIP's and UFO's

Here they are in order of (approx) age:
2006 Evergreen - Birds of a Feather
2005 deer in snow ornament from JCS issue
2001 Autumn Harvest Roll - Eventide Designs
2000 Baby in a Basket - Lavender and Lace
99 or earlier
A Night to Remember - Dimensions kit (not enough stitches in it to really call it as WIP or a UFO)
Underwater Tranquility - Sunset Kit
Amish Wedding - Told in a Garden
Mermaid of the Pearls - Mirabilia
Enchanted Swans - Just Nan
Patience - Just Nan
prior to 93
Scarlet O'Hara - Charles Craft

My list is SO dated!!!! At least other stitchers have lists of really cool, new stuff. My list is Boring! Some of these projects are destined to remain UFO's. I just don't have the desire to see them through. They're antiques!

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