September 9, 2006


Do you know what tonight is? It's the Rock & Roll 400 at the Richmond International Raceway. DH is there and I am here at home with DD. I am watching the race on TV and the beauty of that is the fact that I will be asleep tonight (after the race) before DH even gets to his truck LOL! He can go and have a great time. I told him to just please bring me home something from Junior's hauler, preferably a sweatshirt. He called whining that they were $55. I'm like "what's your point?" I think the Tony (whiner) Stewart fan just didn't want to be seen in Earnhardt territory LOL!
I have spent the day organizing my play room and playing around on eBay. I even stamped a few cards.
Gotta go watch the rest of the race and get DD to bed.
I want my guy to win.
Go Junior, Go Junior, Go Junior, Go Junior (to the tune of the song playing with the midget on the Geico those stupid commercials)


Jodi said...

You and my husband are cheering for Jr. I'm a major Greg Biffle fan myself. He used to race here locally, so I consider him a hometown boy. Last Christmas my family got me shirts, a tea mug, license frame, and stickers, all of Biffle. I loved it all!

I'm with you on Tony Stewart (whiner).

It looks like Jr. made the chase. I'm kind of hoping that Kasey Kahne gets in too, since Biff didn't make it. He's from the same state anyway and we're in Enumclaw every February for an archery banquet.

Only 80 laps to go!

Janice said...

Hi Carol! Gotta know, did you get your sweatshirt? lol Nascar and Redskins fans here too! Sorry, but we cheer on the whiner! hee hee. We do love JR. also. He's got the most heart of anyone on the track.