October 25, 2006

Latest Crochet Project

Here's a pic of the afghan I am crocheting for my Mom for Christmas. I have never given her anything crocheted. I hope she will like it. She has hinted before about an afghan. My Mom is 81 and some days her memory is not so good. It's scary. When it first started to happen I would try to drag things out of her but I have since stopped. It doesn't do anyone any good and she can't help what's happening to her. I think she should be tested for Alzheimer's. There's probably some medicine that could help a little bit. I just need to get my siblings on board with me. My (younger) brother likes to stick his head in the sand. My (older) sister just doesn't say much. She keeps her distance from our mother and she lives the closest to her. I could go on about her until Christmas and the pain she has caused my Mom. But she is my mothers child and my mother loves her and craves attention from her. My sister has been helpful in the past though when I have called her to go check on things (I'm 40 miles away). I think my Mom might be worse off than I suspect. I suspect my Dad covers for her and keeps things to himself. He wouldn't want to burden me (that's how I suspect he thinks). My Dad has spoken to my BIL and actually said he doesn't know how much longer he can take it. Of course I heard about this conversation through the grapevine and it could have become exagerated by the time I heard it. Life can get so hard at times!

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Meari said...

The afghan is pretty. I'm sure she'll love it. It's sad to see loved ones start to lose their memory. :-(