January 1, 2007

Stitching Plans for 2007

What are your stitching plans for 2007? My plan is simple: stitch more than I did in 2006!!!

I hesitate setting stitching goals because "the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray". For someone with a very busy next six months ahead of them. I hardly think I'll have a lot of time to devote to my stitching. My oldest DD is getting married in June and wants to get married here at my house. Not to mention lots of already planned out weekends. However, I do plan to stitch and here's what I'd like to accomplish:

12 Christmas ornaments (participating in a monthly ornament challenge in my Desperate Stitcher's group)
Finish Evergreen
Devote stitching time to Mermaid of the Pearls

Speaking of my DD getting married, many years ago I purchased a Paula Vaughan chart "Through a Mother's Eyes". I had planned to stitch 3 of them, one for each of my DD's to give to them on their wedding day. Doesn't look like that will happen. Like I said, the best laid plans......

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Meari said...

Good luck with your stitching plans. You can do it!!