February 10, 2007

Snow Report: Not one flake of snow! Another chance coming up early this week but I doubt it will happen. Sadly we haven't seen a good snow fall in 2 years!!
Stitching: Finished the border on Evergreen. Now back to work on the rest of the design.
Stamping: I got some new stamps the other day. I ordered a few sets from Close to My Heart. They are acrylic stamps. Not sure how I am going to like them but in theory they seem like they will be great.
TV Viewing: Criminal Minds was good but I didn't like the ending. Please do not tell me that they are going to give Reed a drug problem or turn him into an "unsub".
Survivor was good. Poor Sheila got screwed.
Lost, well like I said: it better get better!
Grey's Anatomy: Off the hook! I couldn't believe the ending. She'll be fine though, afterall the show is named for her!
The Young & the Restless, yes, I work full time and still keep up with this show. We have a tv in our employee lunch room and you better believe it is on CBS at lunchtime. I also Tivo Y&R in case I want to watch to see what I missed in the first half. I only get 30 mins for lunch. Anyway.......who do you think Lauren shot? Phyllis or Sheila?? If she shot Sheila, then my theory is that Sheila is not really dead and when they go to the morgue to get the body it will be... gone!
NASCAR: The BUD shoot out is on right now. GO JR, GO JR, GO JR! Oh boo, Stewart just won. Boo, Boo, Boo!
Desperate Housewives returns tomorrow night. Can't wait!

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Meari said...

I missed GA last week! I couldn't believe I forgot. I watch DH, too. If you want some snow, Carol, I have plenty here... Just come and get it PLEASE! At least it's warmer... 29F yesterday. I think we're done with the subzero temps for a while.