February 6, 2007

My Week at a Glance

This morning when I left for work it was 14 degrees! The high today was 32.
Tonight was stamping night. Got together with my local group and we did the 13 quick cards project. I'll post pics later.
Last night CSI Miami was great. Can't wait til next Monday!
Tomorrow night is Criminal Minds and Lost. I am so glad they are showing Lost at ten because I have really gotten into Criminal Minds. It's a little gruesome at times but that just makes me snuggle DH so I don't have bad dreams!! ;-)
Lost better get better. This past fall sucked!
Thursday night is SURVIVOR!! 'Nuff said. I'm a Survivor addict!
Friday night DD3 has a sleep over so DH and I have a DATE NIGHT!!
Saturday DD2 is coming home from school and we're going to cook dinner for my Dad to celebrate his 84th birthday which is the 8th.
On the stitching front, I put a few stitches in the Evergreen border yesterday morning and nothing since. There's a snow storm predicted for tonight. I hope it snows enough to close school and keep me home from work. Here in VA, we only need and inch or 2 to shut down. However prisons don't close for anything so I'd have to use a vacation day. Will it? Won't it? I'll let you know!
Happy Stitching!!


Name: Vicki said...

Thank you so much for the comment you left on my blog!I am also planning to make a quilt out of my son's clothes - his T-shirts! My daughter and I have gathered them all together. DD wants me to get it finished so she can take it to college with her. I really need to start! I read your profile and you and I have a lot in common - our taste in music and books - we like the same authors!I hope it's okay - I added you to my blog list! Again- thanks for your comments! Have a happy day!

Janice said...

HI Carol! Evergreen looks great! Yeah for Survivor!! I love it!! Stay warm! lol

Dee said...

Why are you a knitter wanna-be...go for it a knitter. It's fun. I promise. LOL

(Just ignore when I get to ranting and raving about yarn problems and such's a relaxing hobby. :::wink:::)

Meari said...

What? No report on DATE NIGHT??!