January 19, 2008

Saturday Update

It's Saturday afternoon and it's lightly raining, been raining all day. DD keeps talking about playing in the snow. What snow dear?? We're still waiting for the change over. Yesterday I got a little organizing done in my playroom. I worked on photos and scrapbook supplies. I also got my Christmas photos uploaded to Walmart for printing. DD aka "The Mommy" was off last night so we all went to the mall for dinner in the food court (because no one could agree on what we wanted) and then we saw "National Treasure - The Book of Secrets". GOOD movie! The baby slept through most of the movie only waking to nurse. His first movie, ahhhhhhh.
He has been good so far today. We'll continue to hang out in the playroom until Mommy gets home at 4 then we'll go downstairs to watch movies with her and the stitching will commence. I'm a little nervous, LOL! I haven't stitched in over 6 months. Will I still remember how to do it? LOL
Hopefully I'll have pics to post later of either snow or stitching, or both!

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