December 10, 2008


I have a couple of finishes I am excited about.

This is the Christmas baby afghan I made for my 5 month old grand-daughter to keep her warm while she is out Christmas shopping with her Mommy. It's large enough that she will be able to use it for many years to come. My wish is that it will become her tradition to sleep with it on Christmas Eve. I'm sure her Mommy will see that I get my wish! :-)
My next finish is also for my grand-daughter. It's a crocheted cape. It's a very easy pattern! Although my grand-daughter is my "little monkey" that's not her in the photo, LOL! My grand-son's Curious George was kind enough to model the cape for me until I can get a picture of Abigail wearing it.
I have to get two of these Lizzie Kate ornaments finished by Christmas!! One will be late and the other on time if I can accomplish this goal. I actually need to stitch a second ornament for my grand-son since this is his second Christmas. My plan is to give each of my grandchildren a cross stitched ornament each year.
I'm working on my 2009 stitching/crochet goals. I'm learning how to make lists and set goals to help me accomplish things, hobby and non-hobby as well. I am a master procrastinator and procrastination leads to stress and anxiety for me so I am working to change that. Learning new skillz!!


Carol R said...

Hi - I came to visit with you. That's a gorgeous Christmas afghan - I could easily snuggle under that myself! Curious George makes a wonderful model - maybe you should sign him up to an agency?

Meari said...

Your crocheted items are beautiful, Carol.