May 31, 2009

There is a wonderful giveaway going on at YukosBlog. She is celebrating her 3 year stitching anniversary. Yuko has a wonderful blog and her stitching is so lovely. I have been quietly following her blog for about a year. Check it out!
On my stitching front, I have been diligently working a a free sampler chart from BlackbirdDesigns. No pics yet. I would have finished it this weekend or last week even but between a little bit of frogging and helping my daughter and her family move into their first home (yay!) I didn't have time to work on it. I've spent a lot of time with the grandbabies this weekend as well! My grandson is 19 mos old now and he really knows how to work his grandma! He spent the night with me Friday night so Mommy could go to the beach. Saturday evening.....he made it clear he wanted to stay with me again, and you know I couldn't say no. Unfortunately, at 5:30 this morning he decided it was time to get up!!! My grand daughter is 10 mos old now and she is such a beautiful little girl! I am so excited that I will be spending a lot more time with her now that she is living less than 3 miles away!!!
Back to work tomorrow :( I'd really rather stay home and stitch!

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Meari said...

Wow, your grandkids are getting so big (already?). Time does fly. It's good to hear(read) that you're having so much fun with them. :) Congrats on your DD for her first home. How exciting!