July 25, 2009

Isn't this a beautiful house? Can you guess who's house it is? Yes, it is Monticello the home of Thomas Jefferson. For those of you who are not from Virginia, it is pronounced Mon-tuh-chello. In French, that translates "little mountain". Congrats on your correct answer Suz! =) (a fellow Virginian!)
DH, DD, and I went to visit Monticello a couple of weeks ago. DD3 has been wanting to go there since we first took DD2 to UVA and she learned the history of the school. You can actually see the university from the lawn of Monticello. I would LOVE to have a house there on the top of that little mountain! The blue ridge mountains of Virginia are just breathtaking! I love living so close to the mountains AND to the ocean! It's the best of both worlds. We had a great day for this little day trip, low 80's and almost no humidity. It was fun learning new things about TJ. He was a visionary and would truly be amazed at life today. He was also a hypocrite, sadly enough. He was the author our Constitution and wrote "all men are created equal" yet he owned many slaves. He felt it was wrong but knew that the end to slavery would not come in his lifetime. Yet upon his death, he only freed five of his slaves in his will. Why did he not free them all if he felt slavery was wrong? That aside, he was a brilliant man and he is one of the reasons we have the way of life we have today. If you're ever in the area, it's definitely worth the visit.
DD and I with TJ.

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