July 26, 2009

July 25th!

Today is a great day! My granddaughter Abby is one today! Happy Birthday dear, sweet, baby girl!
Now I hate to mention it, but Christmas is five months from today! I have to get busy stitching Chistmas ornaments! I have vowed to give each grandbaby a hand stitched ornament every Christmas and I am already behind! As much as I want to start a sampler when I finish my current project ( a Blackbird freebie), I am going to have to work on ornaments. I hope to finish my current project this weekend, lol. We shall see.
I'm going to play movie reviewer. I've seen quite a few lately on DVD and at the theater so here goes:
At the theather:
My Sister's Keeper - I read the book so I had an insight of what to expect. Good movie...have a box of tissues with you. If you read the book, be prepared for the movie to not stay true to the book.
Public Enemies - wait for the DVD. Long movie, not Johnny Depp or Christian Bale's best work. Gets a little slow in the middle. Seeing this movie at 10:05 was not the best idea. I got sleepy. I will say I liked it but not for the $20 we paid to see it. (Geesh, movies have gotten SO expensive!)
Harry Potter - I didn't see it but DH and DD did. Just mentioning it to show how much Regal cinemas has profited off my family in the past 8 days! ;)
The Boy in the Striped Pajamas - excellent movie if you are into WWII history. This is poignant portryal of one family dealing with the Hollocaust. It was DD's suggestion. She had heard about it in history class at school.
Knowing - Nicholas Cage...what more do I need to say? This movie held my interest. Reminded us a little of National Treasure, however, the ending caught me by surprise. Come on!!
That's it for now!


Melissa said...

Carol-I can't bring myself to watch The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. I just can't see anyway the ending will be happy. It breaks my heart just to think about that movie.

Melissa said...

Uh Carol--I just noticed you are a grandma twice over now? How did I miss the second grandbaby? Congratulations!

Ashlyn said...

mom, you can say ashlyn and not DD :) The Boy In The Striped Pajamas was very sad. its one of those movies you want to say its ok its just a movie, but it wasnt. things like that really happened. hatred and predjudice taken to the extreme D: